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Defense, Space & Security is one of The Boeing Company’s [NYSE:BA] three business units. One of the world’s largest defense contractors, BDS operates in six key markets: Commercial Derivative Aircraft, Military Rotorcraft, Human Space Exploration, Satellites, Autonomous Systems, and Services. BDS also has a significant presence in the fixed-wing strike, weapons and integrated missile system markets

Its organization structure reflects this strategy through its seven divisions:

  • Autonomous Systems – Develops and produces remotely piloted aircraft and submersibles. Manages Boeing’s Insitu and Liquid Robotics subsidiaries.
  • Commercial Derivative Aircraft – Develops products for global military and government customers based on proven commercial platforms including Boeing’s world-class 7-series aircraft.
  • Missile and Weapon Systems – Manages Boeing’s portfolio of strategic missile and defense systems and weapons systems.
  • Phantom Works – Creates and advances new products and capabilities by drawing on its expertise in innovation, advanced experimentation and prototyping.
  • Space and Launch – The division houses more than 60 years of space exploration expertise, Boeing’s satellite portfolio and manages Boeing’s share of United Launch Alliance and United Space Alliance.
  • Strike, Surveillance and Mobility – Manages Boeing’s current and future portfolio of fixed-wing military and surveillance aircraft, including fighters and commercial derivitave platforms, and support of key platforms such as the executive transport fleet, which includes VC-25 (Air Force One).
  • Vertical Lift – The world’s largest provider of military rotorcraft with a diverse portfolio of cargo, tiltrotor and attack platforms.

Led by President and CEO Leanne Caret, the business is based in Arlington, Va.

Download the full Defense, Space & Security Backgrounder.

Executive Biographies

Leanne Caret Executive Vice President, The Boeing Company
President, and Chief Executive Officer, Defense, Space & Security
Mark C. Cherry Vice President and General Manager, Phantom Works, Defense, Space & Security
James H. Chilton Senior Vice President, Space and Launch, Defense, Space & Security
Todd Citron, Ph.D. Vice President, Engineering, Defense, Space & Security
Scott G. Drach Vice President, Human Resources, Defense, Space & Security
Ursula English Vice President, Manufacturing, Safety and Quality, Defense, Space & Security
Denise Russell Fleming Vice President, Information Technology Business Partners, Defense, Space & Security
Rik Geiersbach Vice President, Strategy, Defense, Space & Security
Carol Hibbard Vice President, Finance, Chief Financial Officer, Defense, Space & Security
Darrin A. Hostetler Vice President, Assistant General Counsel, Defense, Space & Security
Shelley K. Lavender Senior Vice President, Strike, Surveillance and Mobility
St. Louis Senior Executive, Defense, Space & Security
Tony Martin Vice President of Total Quality, Defense, Space & Security
Steve Parker Vice President and General Manager, Vertical Lift, Defense, Space & Security
Timothy (Tim) Peters Vice President and General Manager, Commercial Derivative Aircraft, Defense, Space & Security
Walt Rice Vice President, Communications (Interim), Defense, Space & Security
Kristin A. Robertson Vice President and General Manager, Autonomous Systems, Defense, Space & Security
Jeff Shockey Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing, Defense, Space & Security and Government Services
Torbjorn (Turbo) Sjogren Vice President, International Government and Defence
Scott C. Strode Vice President, Supply Chain, Defense, Space & Security
Norm E. Tew Vice President and General Manager, Missile and Weapon Systems, Defense, Space & Security